Technical Fields

Technical Field: Polyacrylonitrile Precursor
R&T Center of Excellence: Decatur, Alabama, US
Research into precursor technology from synthesis of novel polymers and studies of their physical and mechanical properties through to pilot line spinning and conversion into carbon fiber.
Technical Field: Carbon Fiber
R&T Center of Excellence: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Studies on all aspects of the manufacture of carbon fiber including oxidation/carbonization/graphitization processes, surface treatment and sizing.
Technical Field: Reinforcements
R&T Center of Excellence: Les Avenières, France
Development of textile technologies including tapes, multiaxials and new solutions for dry reinforcements.
Technical Field: Aerospace Matrix Development
R&T Center of Excellence: Duxford, UK and Dublin, CA, US
Development of new matrix resin systems for prepregs and infusion systems, including synthesis of novel resins, hardeners, polymers and additives. Studies in structure-property relationships, to enhance overall properties of the final product.
Technical Field: Adhesives Development
R&T Center of Excellence: Duxford, UK
Development of film and paste adhesives for aerospace and wind energy.
Technical Field: Wind Energy and Industrial
R&T Center of Excellence: Duxford, UK and Linz, Austria
Development of resin systems and prepregs, surface finishes, and improved processes.
Technical Field: Applications
R&T Center of Excellence: Dublin, CA, US, Les Aveniéres and Dagneux, France
Development of innovative product forms such as HexMC® brand of prepregs for compression molding, as well as novel part processing methods of composite materials for specific applications. Support with advanced structural analysis. Design, fabrication and testing of demonstrator parts for validation of newly developed materials and technologies.
Technical Field: Core and Panels
R&T Center of Excellence: Casa Grande, AZ, US
Development of novel core materials and sandwich panels for aerospace, including broadband noise reduction and thermal transmission.
Technical Field: Manufacturing Innovation Technology
R&T Center of Excellence: Duxford, UK
Product scale-up and research into new process methods for making composite materials, including quality control methods.
Technical Field: Qualification and Testing
R&T Center of Excellence: Duxford, UK and Dublin, CA, US
Mechanical and chemical testing of materials, including test method development
Technical Field: Thermoplastic Composites
R&T Center of Excellence: Les Avenières, France
Development of high-performance thermoplastic composites for demanding end-use applications, including aerospace.
Technical Field: Additive Manufacturing
R&T Center of Excellence: Hartford, CT, US
Development of ultra-high performance thermoplastic composite materials and novel processes for additive manufacturing.