Trade Compliance

Hexcel is a global supply chain partner with our vendors, transport agents, and customers. Our International Trade Compliance program ensures that we have an effective import and export compliance program to securely deliver product to our customers and prevent violations of local international trade laws and regulations.

Our participation in supply chain security programs such as C-TPAT and AEO allow Hexcel to minimize potential delays in delivery to maintain assurance of supply for our customers.

Supply Chain Security

Hexcel participates in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and the Authorized Economic Operator programs to ensure we are able to deliver products to our customers even when countries limit the import volumes during challenging times.

Export Compliance

Hexcel maintains a close partnership with the relevant government authorities to confirm that our Export Management System is compliant with the requirements of each national authority. The coordinated classification of goods, software and technology allows Hexcel to understand when an export authorization is required and when an license exception is available.

Import Compliance

Hexcel continually reviews the import requirements of the countries of our supply chain partners. We confirm the national import requirements for our goods and confirm that they are imported compliant with national law. We review the import classification of goods and make strategic recommendations on management of imports to confirm that we are able to optimize the Customs process for all imported goods.

Technology Control Plan

Due to the nature of our technology related to the production of our products, Hexcel maintains a strong Technology Control Plan to manage who has the ability to receive our technology and the regulatory requirements related to such technology transfers. This government approved process protects not only Hexcel technology but our customer technology as well.


Hexcel provides training to our employees and business partners. We strive to make all of our business partners aware of the legal requirements for the import, export, and transport of our goods, software, and technology.