Site Certifications

Every Hexcel manufacturing plant has achieved certification for quality management systems. We pursue additional certifications when we have a business reason or customer reason for doing so.

Amesbury, MA
Thermoset, TP and Composite Materials
Burlington, WA
Engineered Core
Casa Grande, AZ
Honeycomb Core
Casablanca, Morocco
Engineered Core
Dagneux / Nantes, France
Prepregs, RTM resins, HexMC®
Decatur, AL
Carbon Fiber Precursor
Duxford, United Kingdom / Stade, Germany
Honeycomb, Adhesives, Prepregs, Resin Films, Research and Development
Hartford, CT
Additive Manufacturing
Illescas, Spain
Carbon Fiber
Kent, WA
Composite structures and assemblies
Leicester, United Kingdom
Multiaxial Reinforcements
Les Aveniéres, France
Neumarkt, Austria
Prepregs, Laminates, Polyurethane Systems, HexFIT®
Parla, Spain
Pottsville, PA
Engineered Core
Roussillon, France
Carbon Fibers
Salt Lake City, UT
Prepregs, Carbon Fibers
Seguin, TX
Woven Glass, Carbon, Hybrid and Synthetic Fibers
Stamford, CT
Corporate Headquarters
Vert Le Petit, France
Prepregs, Adhesives, Pultruded Profiles
Welkenraedt, Belgium
Engineered Core