HexFlow® Infusion Resins

As an industry innovator Hexcel has optimized its knowledge of resins and reinforcements to develop new solutions for faster, more cost-effective ways of manufacturing high performance composite parts. 

HexFlow® Infusion Resins for Aerospace

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and Vacuum Infusion are composite manufacturing methods that are particularly suitable for low- to medium-volume production rates, allowing high quality components to be created without using autoclaves. Large complex shapes can be achieved with good surface quality and a reduce part count. 

HexFlow® RTM6 is the aerospace industry standard for resin transfer molding, manufactured in Europe and the U.S. and qualified by all major OEMs and Tier 1s. This mono-component resin system has 20 years of proven service and is favoured for its high glass transition temperatures and flexibility in injection and cure cycle parameters. 

In response to customer demand Hexcel has developed a bi-component format of RTM6 called HexFlow® RTM6-2. With the same chemical composition as RTM6, this provides the same high mechanical properties as the original resin and is easy to transport by air or sea. At customer facilities, this system can be stored at +5°C for 12 months (instead of -18°C for 9 months for HexFlow® RTM6). This new form of HexFlow® RTM6-2 is available in larger drums (up to 200kg). 

Also available is HexFlow® RTM651 - a premixed bismaleimide system for service temperatures to 232°C (450°F). 

Hexcel also offers a VaRTM resin systems VRM37 -  targeted at secondary and primary aerospace structures. 

HexFlow® resins are fully compatible with the extensive range of HexForce® reinforcement fabrics. Our Technical Support Engineers are on hand to assist you with the optimum resin and reinforcement selection. 

Image 1: HexFlow® Infusion Resin
Image 2: Another example of HexFlow® Infusion Resin
HexFlow® Infusion Resins
HexFlow® Infusion Resins

Infusion is a cost-effective way of manufacturing aerospace parts without the investment in autoclave equipment.

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